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2022-08 MSOM Early Week Batch I2022-08 MSOM Early Week Batch II2022-08 MSOM Early Week Batch III2022-08 MSOM Early Week Batch IV2022-08 MSOM Early Week Batch V2022-09 Early Week B&W Images2022-09 MSOM Buffalo Dance and Twirl2022-09 MSOM Buffalo I2022-09 MSOM Buffalo II2022-09 MSOM Buffalo III2022-09 MSOM SMU Dance and Twirl2022-09 MSOM SMU Guest Performers2022-09 MSOM SMU I2022-09 MSOM SMU II2022-09 MSOM SMU III2022-10 MSOM Halloween2022-10 MSOM MSU Dance and Twirl2022-10 MSOM MSU I2022-10 MSOM MSU II2022-10 MSOM Northwestern Alums2022-10 MSOM Northwestern Dance and Twirl2022-10 MSOM Northwestern I2022-10 MSOM Northwestern II2022-10 MSOM Purdue I2022-11 MSOM Ohio State Dance and Twirl2022-11 MSOM Ohio State I2022-11 MSOM Ohio State II2022-11 MSOM Rutgers Dance and Twirl2022-11 MSOM Rutgers I2022-11 MSOM Rutgers II