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In April 2013, on a visit to the Golden Isles of Georgia, we took a nature excursion to Cumberland Island. This island is primarily a nature reserve, known for wild horses and an abundance of salt marsh wildlife. On the tour at the first horse sighting, we saw what appeared to be a dead animal -- until it moved. A very young foal was stuck in the mud up to his neck and lacked the strength to escape.

Despite the best efforts of our guide to attempt a rescue, he had to abandon the attempt once he was waist deep in mud as well and at risk of becoming trapped himself. A rescue was planned, to return at high tide when the boat could be safely navigated very close to the trapped foal so that he could be extricated from the mud.

When we returned hours later, in fear of what we might find, the rescue crew was elated to find that the foal had mounted his own escape just moments earlier. Covered in mud and standing at the edge of the proceeding water line, the foal got his "legs" and bee-lined right for mom. The mare had been protectively overseeing this all day, as was the stallion father. This gallery captures the agony and ultimately the elation of the day.

My heartfelt thanks and kudos to Rich of KeyNorth Tours for the passion for wildlife and his going beyond the extra mile to help a creature in need.

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